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Phinma Properties saw its beginnings some three decades ago. They were initially very well-known for their developments of a number of townhouse projects for the upscale community. Phinma adjusted its focus to include low-cost and affordable housing in the early 1990’s. They began their trip down that avenue with the building of 500 housing units in the Laguna Bay and Cavite areas south of Metro Manila. Locations are always a top priority. Phinma go to great lengths to provide homes in areas that are not only safe and convenient but aesthetically pleasing as well. Escaping city life has never been easier.

Company on a Mission

Phinma Properties has always had the communities best interest at heart. They really understand the Filipino people and their intense need to provide the best they can for their families. From the start Phinma vowed to “build the nation through competitive and well-managed enterprises”. Their aim was to ensure that every Filipino has access to a better lifestyle through the housing they could provide.

The Transition to Mid-Rise Buildings

Due to changes in the market and market demand, the company decided to tackle vertical urban development as apposed to horizontal suburban delelopment which they had already been exploring. Medium rise building or mid-rise buildings began to take shape. They have been specializing in this area of mid-rise residential condominium buildings catering for the affordable market in various locations throughout Metro Manila.

The Revolutionary and Innovative Idea - The Box System

Research and development, the only way forward. Phinma Properties designed and created a construction method now recognized by the industry as the “box system”.
What this incorporated was a structure where the major walls were built from reinforced concrete. A more rigid and solid structure was the result. This system effectively managed to reduce construction time and costs. It had a minimal effect on the environment. The system enabled buildings to be erected in record times.

Broadening The Horizons

In the 2000’s, Phinma began exploring Quezon City as a suitable location for more of the same. Medium rise community residences. Developments began to spring up all over the area.

The Sunny Villas
Spazio Bernardo
The Spazio Bernardo West Villas
San Benissa Garden Villas

These developments soon gave way to condominium townships outside QuezonCity.
The first was Fountain Breeze, closely followed by both Sofia Bellevue and Flora Vista. Well- thought out and planned developments.These projects were more successful than could ever be imagined and were sold out within the first year of completion.

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ASiA Enclaves Alabang - The flagship of Philma Properties. Luxury condominiums at an affordable price. Asian-inspired architecture and a cosmopolitan atmoshpere that offer a unique experience to all. Urban lifestyles intermingled with the essential luxuries is what this community is all about. Located within close proximity to the highly-developed urban hub of Alabang in Muntinlupa City. This district is well known for family-oriented focus. The area is home to several upscale shopping malls, businesses that are a hive of activity and international schools that promise exceptional education. As with any such community or development, the amenities are a selling point that cannot be ignored. The more luxury, comfort and convenience presented, the better. ASiA Enclave has so much to choose from. Function halls that are spacious, swimming pools, fitness facilities and a residents lounge where you can kick off your heels and relax after a long and stressful day. Landscape gardens and cobblestone paths are pleasing on the eye and defintely brings nature a little closer to home, even in the urban jungle. Each enclave is secluded from the next. Well-ventilated, well-lit and spacious areas are incorporated into every buidling. Each building incorporates 7 floors of 16-20 units. Navigating your way from floor to floor is effortless with the available elevators. The buildings take every precaution against fire hazards and incorporate safety features which go beyond the normal requirements. Easy access for the disabled ensures that any person is welcome in this amazing residence. Enjoy low-desity living at its finest. The award winning community is one that is guaranteed to allow you the experience of living in an upscale community with all the bells and whistles.

Solano Hills Sucat - The country-lodge appeal of this private condominium development provides the charm you expect from a community created to provide comfort and relaxation far from the humdrum of city life. Low-density residences make this the perfect family home location. Located in the quiet, peaceful and picturesque Sucat in Muntinlupa City.The rolling terrain of the area adds to the country charm the development reflects. Conveniently located with easy access to the urban centers of Alabang, Makati CBD and Bonifacio Global City guarantees that you will never be far from your place of work or a school for your children. Naturally beautiful surroundings, wide open spaces and enough space between units to give you the complete freedom to be who you are. Spend you evenings taking in the extraordinary sights and scenery and wash away the turmoil of the work, traffic and congestion. Make your selection from the variety on offer according to your growing family needs. Studio, 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom units are available and if that isn’t enough, you have the option of combining the adjacent unit and incorporating it into your space. Bigger units without the worry of a bigger price tag. This is home. Suburban living with all the comforts and luxuries of a modern lifestyle.

Arezzo Place Pasig - The catch phrases attached to this luxurious development say all there is to say in a few simple words. “Live Fulfilled”. Located in amidst a busy metropolis. Architecurally designed to mirror the charming design of of Arezzo City in Tuscany, Italy. 1980 Units makes this a community that is vast, differing age groups, genders, cultures. Well-lit buildings that make use of natural light to the maximum. All the fire safety features are in place, fire alarm and sprinkler systems and firehose cabinets ensure your safety should an emergency situation arise. Disability will not prevent you from experiencing the luxury of this development, specialized ramps are installed for ease of access for those who have difficulty. A relaxing and comfortable community where a peaceful atmosphere is never far behind. Wide open spaces, gorgeous landscaped outdoor gardens and the exclusivity of luxyury amenities make this the place to call home for your family. Conveniently located near schools, malls and the major business centers nearby. Spend more time with the things that matter the most in life. You are only a stonesthrow away from work, have leisure on your doorstep and family by your side. Spacious, comfortably designed units maximize the use of natural light. Plan your family homes layout any which way you want. The homes are well-built and affordable, giving all Filipino’s a chance at the life they deserve.

Hacienda Balai North Quezon City - “A safe community for new beginnings”- Peaceful and secure. Design and architecture take a tropical spin. This is your safehaven away from the buzz of the big city. The development is situated close to close to the major roadways. Commercial centers are only a short distance away. Experience convenient urban living in your own personal island paradise. Safety and security of the residents is of the utmost importance but that is not all they cater for. Wide open spaces, magical pocket gardens, specially designed walkways, children’s play areas and grounds and unique jogging paths for the fitness conscious. This is what this development embodies. Bond with your family and share new experiences in an atmosphere that is second to none. Nurture creativity and explore your adventurous side. The community development features medium-rise buildings, providing beauty with every brick that is laid. The five storey building is easily navigated with the walk-up hallway. Every building houses its own piece of nature in the midst of urban living with an atrium.Safety is not skimped on in any way with each building incorporating a fire alarm and sprinkler system, firehose cabinets on every floor as well as strategically placed fire exits. Hacienda has thought of everything, disability is no obstacle with the specially installed ramps. The residence is quite vast, housing 90 units per building and subdivided into 18 units per floor. 14 building in total, accomodating 1260 units. This is a town on its own. Beamless and column-free studio units are the design feature of this development. No restraints, design and create your own sanctuary. If you need more space simply combine your home with the unit next door. Increase your floor space yet keep the costs down. This is paradise. 

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Select your home for life and let Phinma take care of the details. The trained, professional staff are on hand to take care of the nitty gritty without so much as batting and eyelid. The team is completely competent in undertaking the reservation process involved in securing the home you are looking for, the home of your dreams. Should you be stumped with which finance house would best be suited to your application, Phinma has financing partners on hand to make the process as fast and easy as possible for you. With a variety of payment options available, your dream home is within your grasps. Let Phinma take you that short distance to the promised land.

Should you be purchasing your units for investment purposes, Phinma offer a lease management service that will ensure your properties are always filled with reliable, responsible, tenants who will keep your property in the manner in which they found it. The team at Phinma take care of the rental contracts and rental collections on your behalf.

You may find that your home needs a little tweaking to make it really your own. Phinma provides a unit improvement service which will guarantee that your home is never compromised by sub-quality work. The work completed carried a warranty. A standard package will allow you to make minor changes. Partitioning, additional light recepticle or outlet and a new paint job in a color that suits your personality. Select the upgraded package if you need more than a minor makeover. Over and above the services provided on the standard package, you will have access to additional services like tiling, shelves, upgraded kitchen cabinets and additional closets to name a few. At Phinma they go to great lengths to make your home feel like your own from the start.

There is nothing that Phinma hasn’t taken into consideration in pursuit of providing dream homes to the Filipino community. Regardless of your age, culture, work choices, there is a home perfect for you. Family to the Filipino nation is vital and probably the thing they feel most passionate about. Phinma homes put your family first. Give your family the opportunity to live the life they deserve with the help of the team at Phinma.

Phinma properties is the company for you. They are faithfully dedicated to providing you with the perfect sanctuary to call home. Whether you prefer to be in the heart of the activity or a little out of the way, you can get the experience you are seeking. Escape the city life even if only a short distance away. The atmospheres created within our developments makes you feel world’s away from the madness. Relax, unwind and spend the quality time with your loved ones you deserve. Take advantage of what each residence has to offer. Enjoy time in nature, take in the fresh air and marvel at the views provided by the natural surrounding. Paradise in the midst of the hectic city, who would have known.

“Phinma Properties making room to build you future. Your partner in making the right home investment so you can make the most out of life for you and your family.”

Embrace the Filipino way of life. Affordability makes this luxury lifestyle available to everyone. Take advantage of the Phinma way of life and bring your family home. Home is where the heart is.